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Our Story


The long and short of this story is... I’m crazy about interiors & everything home!

But as you will see a little later, I cannot ignore my passion for the garden too.

I would like to say my love of interiors & beautiful things for the home was inspired by meandering trips through Europe & the Far East…I’m glad to say in recent years there have been a few of those inspiring trips…but for me it all started much earlier as a quiet obsession which was to smoulder away for quite some time.

My early years were spent as a nanny & housekeeper immersed in a world of interiors in the most stunning country homes; some owned by interior designers & others by wonderful people with their own impeccable eye for style & design. Whether I was preparing a home for weekend guests, layering the dining table with exquisite glassware & fine bone china or arranging flowers freshly picked from the walled garden, I saw every aspect of this life as an opportunity to absorb & learn…a master class in stylish living! 

Particularly fascinated by the way each person had their own eclectic collection of carefully chosen pieces, each telling their own story & adding their own unique stamp & personal style, I became captivated in the art of dressing a home - thus my interest & penchant for creating beautiful interiors was ignited…

It would be the start of a long & winding path which eventually led to an amazing opportunity to work with an Interior Designer for eight years - designing, installing & styling show homes - a real chance to be creative & experience another side in the world of interiors. My passion quickly became one of sourcing, searching, & curating unique & well-chosen pieces to add those essential textures & layers to a room. These would provide the key elements in creating warm tactile spaces - designed to draw you in & appeal to all the senses. 

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And finally, this is where my long-standing love affair with the world of flora reappears…

As a child I was given a little garden all of my own which I chose to fill with flowers - something that was to start my particular love of a summer herbaceous border full of texture & colour! Hence my garden today is bursting with endless summer blooms & punctuated with clipped topiary & planters full of white Agapanthus…summer bliss!

Therefore, the inclusion of floral displays & plants in a scheme, adding elegance & vibrance to each room was an absolute must! Sadly, for practical reasons these could not always be fresh displays but had to be long lasting & sustainable – so instead of using fresh flowers the arranging of luxury (& incredibly life-like) artificial flowers commenced. It would soon become a large part of the creative process, leading me off into the exquisite world of Faux Flowers.

With my collection of ‘faux flowers’ & ‘all things home’ fast growing, coupled with several successful pop-up shopping events, the idea of opening a permanent ‘bricks & mortar’ showroom & small flower workshop was fast becoming the exciting next step. 

Where it all started…

For me it was a quiet obsession for interiors that had been smouldering away for many years which has led to where we are today.

I think it stems from spending my early years as a nanny and housekeeper, surrounded and emersed in a world of interiors in the most stunning country homes, some owned by interior designers and others by some wonderful people with their own impeccable eye for style and design.

I became acutely interested in the art of dressing homes with carefully chosen pieces, each telling their own story and adding their own personal & unique stamp.

Wherever I found myself I absorbed my surroundings… my interest and penchant for beautiful interiors was ignited.

Many years later I was offered an amazing opportunity to work with an interior designer - designing and installing show homes… for me a dream come true! A real chance to be creative and experience another side of interiors.

My passion quickly became one of sourcing, collecting and curating unique and well-chosen pieces to add those essential layers and textures to create a warm, tactile space to draw you in and appeal to all the senses.

After a couple of pop-up events that proved very successful, we soon realised that other people also enjoyed acquiring the products we had collected & so the idea of Cosy Nest Interiors was born…

After much searching we found the perfect space  and decided to open the doors of Cosy Nest Interiors. We wanted to create a relaxed experience, somewhere to pick up some home styling ideas while shopping our beautiful home décor pieces and of course our luxury faux flower arrangements.

Our Cosy Nest barn is  in the heart of the South Downs National Park on the Parham Park Estate … this is part of the charm… “somewhere waiting to be discovered”

Come and see for yourself and help us to continue the Cosy Nest story…


So here we are ...

CosyNest Interiors

Together with the help of my husband, we have created exactly that - a beautiful space to welcome our lovely clients & customers to browse & shop both our eclectic home decor pieces & luxury faux flowers & plants. Along with our showroom we decided to open an online shop, making some of our favourite pieces available to our lovely customers living a little further afield. 

Looking back during those days spent as a nanny & housekeeper it all seems a distant dream. But strangely, I feel as though I’m back where I started, surrounded by beautiful interiors, and still captivated by the art of dressing homes. 

As always, we will continue all our sourcing, searching, & curating of beautiful things to expand our collection, making them available to other kindered spirits who, like myself, are equally as crazy about interiors!

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience at CosyNest Interiors as much as I have enjoyed my journey getting here. 

Michelle xx